Its been a while…

It has been a month I tell you what.  First I didn’t update because of writers block.  I honestly had no idea what to write about.  I started with fantastic momentum and then bleh. Then I didn’t update because well… life.

School is over for my kiddos and can I just say, “HALLELUJAH!!” It has been one hellish year. My oldest’s first year of middle school ended in a bang, almost literally.  Someone decided to make a threat against the school on the final two days.  Can we say anxiety? It was crazy and I did not want to send her to school. She went, everything was fine.  The police stepped up their presence because of the threat from within the school and that robo-call that was happening across the country. It was insanity.

On top of all of that, I got rear-ended last week.  We are fine. No one was seriously injured, thank you Jesus.  The other parties insurance covered everything and I now have my yellow beast back.  Yes, I so drive a yellow SUV.  It’s my bae. Don’t judge me.

I’m hoping now that summer is here, I’ll have more interesting and inspiring things to write about. I want to take you all along on our summer adventures and continue to update you on my kiddo’s progress.  I should actually have another update shortly.  I was inspired to write it today.  It’s another one of the things that I don’t always talk to people about because I know exactly the reaction I will get…”You’re a Christian, why are you so into that? The bible says…” I know. Well you’ll see in a few.


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